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Monday, 22 August 2011

Has it built the relationship? Feedback that is...

My third and final test of great feedback is to check whether the relationship between giver and receiver is still in tact .. or better yet, in an even better place. While it is dead easy to drop your message like the proverbial bomb, damaging a working relationship is not great for all concerned. No wonder many managers avoid giving feedback rather than face into it.

However, with skill and a bit of practice it can be done ...  Mike, a Regional Sales Manager, told me a great story of how he had to give some really difficult feedback to a report. He was upfront and honest delivering his message, finally adding 'what would you do in my shoes'. The subordinate had to admit that his delivery hadn't been up to much and that parting company was probably best for all concerned. "The amazing thing" said Mike, "is that guy still buys me a bottle of wine for Christmas and thanks me for the feedback!"

So .. do you drop your feedback from a great height and run .. or avoid it all together?

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